• Samosa: Samosa: Fried flaky pastry filled with seasoned potatoes and peas = $4
  • Vegetable Pakora: Vegetable Pakora: Fresh vegetables dipped in chickpea batter & deep fried = $4
  • Beef Cutles: Beef Cutles: Finely minced beef mixed with sautéed onion, seasonings & baked $ 5
  • Mughlai Biryani: Mughlai Biryani: Tender lamb lightly spiced = $17
  • Sahjahani Biryani: Sahjahani Biryani: Chicken and peas in herbs and spices = $14
  • Beef Biryani: Beef Biryani: Lightly spiced beef sauteed with spices = $15
  • Nawabi Tikka: Nawabi Tikka: Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and mild spices = $13
  • CURRY: CURRY: Lightly spiced & prepared in a mild curry sauce. All boneless, all served with choice of basmati rice,Naan or chapati.

Biryani caters parties, large & small, on & off-site. Open 7 days per week for lunch & dinner.



Monday to Sunday:5pm to 9pm

Phone: 952-946-0009

Email: biryani_inc@yahoo.com

Certified Halal and Alcohol Free Resturant



Monday to Friday: 11am to 2pm 
Saturday: 12pm to 3pm 
Sunday: No Buffet Only Dinner